About Pardy

Pardyalone (born as Kalvin Tyler Beal) is a Minnesota-born hip-hop artist with big dreams full of harmonic beats, silvery vocals, and emotional prowess. A 22-year-old lifelong artist, music became a salvation for Pardyalone after his parent's divorce and heartbreak, leaving him looking for an opportunity to “get uncomfortable.” After finding solace in music, Pardyalone began releasing tracks on Soundcloud and TikTok. Having garnered a fanbase nearing 300k followers on TikTok and millions of views, tracks like “Sincerely, F*ck You”, “Cupid”, and most notably “Not a Home'' have cultivated a mass audience of monthly listeners on Spotify. Synthesizer tones are regularly featured on songs like “Addict” and “Inside Out”. At the same time, Pardyalone utilizes piano and soft guitar melodies on “Vampire,” “White Roses,” and “Mission” showcasing his versatility and depth.

He weaves his inspirations Bon Iver, Rage Against The Machine, and Lauryn Hill in his lyrics encompassing addiction, love, and heartbreak. Citing how “anxiety and depression isn’t a thing that just goes away, it’s going to be constant,” Pardyalone works through his hardships by “writing about it in different perspectives.” For fans of Kid Laroi, Post Malone, and Juice Wrld, Pardyalone is a rising star who hits their wave of creativity with ease. 

Pardyalone combines his artistic talents from skateboarding, photography, graphic design, and self-expression to the forefront of his tracks along with his humble upbringing: “I didn’t grow up in the streets,” Pardyalone said. “I went through pessimistic shit and self-inflicted trauma.” Using TikTok to “be a better human,” fans have gravitated to Pardyalone’s velvety vocal fry, heavy cadence, and relatable disposition. 

The future holds more for Pardyalone like a debut record along with “a lot of diversity” in his music, the likes of rock, pop, and explorative sounds which will be “an opportunity [to show] that I don’t just make sad music,” Pardyalone said. With powerful lyrics and punchy hooks, Pardyalone presents a world where it’s okay to “listen and feel” as the next track begins.