About Pardy

Pardyalone is a 22 year old artist coming out of Big Lake, Minnesota.  His music is an amazing mix of energy, emotion and authenticity. He ropes in his listeners with his smooth vibrato and heart wrenching lyrics.  By putting his own twist on a very modern sound, Pardy makes it clear that his music is to be played at high volumes.  Through his music Pardy speaks on his run in with addiction, family issues and love.

Having reached over 1 Million streams on his single “Sincerely, F*ck You” and being featured on platforms such as Elevator, Promoting Sounds; with notable contributions from KillBunk, Chase the Money and Clever. Pardy is starting to carve his name in the music industry.  His ability to switch tempos and flows is unmatched and certain to keep you on your toes.